Monitoring for Single Page Apps

Total client visibility for JavaScript applications on any device

How Caliper Helps

Single page applications require better production tools and that's why we built Caliper. By including Caliper in your Single Page App you'll instantly start to get detailed insight into the performance and reliability of your app.

Javascript Framework Aware

Backbone.js Ember.js

Caliper integrates easily into Backbone and Ember applications. We're hard at work adding additional frameworks. If you want updates, then subscribe to our mailing list below.

Angular.js Coming Soon! Cordova Support Coming Soon! Caliper.js Coming Soon!

Right after deploying Caliper we identified 3 different performance problems. Really excited about having serious performance metrics on our frontend.

-Joe Stump. & Digg

What you can do with Caliper

Visitor Tracking

See which devices are causing the most problems and exactly where your users are in your application when things break or get slow

App Usage Statistics

Do you know how app behaves in the wild? With Caliper you can figure out how responsive your app is and find the best way to fix it

API Monitoring

APIs responds differently in production. Caliper monitors API requests from all your users devices so we can show you how latency is affecting your app


Real world data lets you enhance your users experience. Ensure your latest deploy fixed a problem by measuring performance over time

Visitor Experience Rating

visitor experience rating screenshot

We track and rate the experience your customers are having right on their device. Use your real production data to increase retention and conversion rates.

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