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Introducing Caliper


Today, apps are written using modern techniques and javascript frameworks like Backbone, Ember, and Angular. Those frameworks are becoming incredibly popular, because they make it easier to build rich applications. But the tools for monitoring these applications are missing.

That’s why we’ve built Caliper. The performance monitoring solution for the modern web

It’s easy to measure page load time in traditional web apps. There are great services for collecting, aggregating, graphing, and slicing & dicing page-load-time metrics. But as modern web apps load content asynchronously and more application functionality moves to the client, properly understanding your users’ experiences becomes nearly impossible.

Tracking relevant performance metrics requires improvements in our tools. Page load times are useless for seeing how your apps are really behaving. To benchmark performance progress we need to start collecting meaningful events that correspond to when customers can use different sections of the page.

Once installing Caliper you’ll have access to real data about how your apps are really behaving in the wild. Join the Caliper users who are already making their apps faster, and their customers happier!