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Javascript Framework Popularity

Interest in Javascript MV* frameworks has been taking off. Meteor, Ember, Angular, and Backbone are all really popular projects on Github. Measuring popularity is pretty tricky but a good indicator might be the number of Github followers. With some data from Github Archive, we're able to show that visually (after a query on BigQuery and a few scripts).

In case you're wondering about a few inflection points:

  • Backbone is the oldest project but seems to be gaining traction at the same rate as others
  • Angular released version 1.0.0 in June 2012
  • Meteor did a hackernews annoucement last April, followed by their Series A

While this chart is a good proxy for gauging popularity, but its not an absolute measurement of adoption and deployment of actual production applications. The data we have is from Github Archive so we're missing data older than March 2012. Some data points are missing (those seem to be errors that either Github or GHA have resolved).

The most important takeway?

2013 is going to be an excting time for Webapp developers!