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Software Engineer

Vancouver, BC

We are looking for like minded engineers to join our growing team. Your knowledge & expertise will contribute to the core set of products at Caliper.

Do you:

  • Deliver high quality working software for the web powered by Ruby, NodeJS, or Javascript.
  • Always push yourself to learn the approach for things like modelling large scale DB writes, managing concurrent http connections or even just building and deploying Javascript.
  • Use tests to increase the quality of your software. Like running Javascript test suites on as many browsers you can with one command.
  • Ask constantly what can be simplified in your code and what is being displayed to users.
  • Develop software with user stories and value the guidance of XP like continuous deployment and making small frequent releases.

If you said yes to some of that then we want to talk to you (please no agencies).

Caliper is built by developers for developers. We strive to be the best at what we deliver to help developers build the best front end applications they can. Caliper is the only one service that allows developers to get insight into their front end applications.

Skills you'll need:

  • Computer Science Degrees or knowledge of concepts such as Big O notation, object orientated and HTTP networking principles.
  • We code with Ruby (Rails, RSpec, Cucumber), NodeJS & Javascript (Ember, D3) You'll need to proficient with these.
  • You will need the ability to work with our data layer built with Postgres & Redis.
  • Other skills you'll need will be experience with Git, Linux, Restful HTTP APIs & Chrome Tools debugging.

Deliverables while working the team:

  • Plan and deliver user stories for the our front end javascript monitoring service, Caliper.
  • User stories will relate to work on our front end application, Javascript client libraries, our APIs, and data modelling in Postgres & Redis.
  • Supporting our developer customers to help them get the most out of our product.
  • Contribute to our business by being a leader in software development. You'll be encouraged to work on open source projects, write blog posts & talk at local meetup events.

To apply get in touch with us with your github profile or other resources to help us learn about you
Join the Team!